COVID-19 Testing

Do you have a known positive exposure and/or are you experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?

We are not a testing facility, an office visit is required to screen the patient prior to any COVID testing. You will be evaluated by the provider who will determine if you are a candidate to receive a COVID test in our facility. The laboratory that processes and tests the specimen does their own billing for their services. If no COVID test is ordered, we are still able to treat the symptoms the patient presents with.

Do you need a test to return to work or want a test, but have no exposure or symptoms?

We are referring everyone in this situation to contact their local health department and see what options are available to them. The Marion County Health Dept. phone number is: (352) 629-0137. We currently do not have a large enough supply of COVID tests to provide our services to asymptomatic patients. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.